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Mantel styling inspiration

With the cooler weather settling in and the holidays fast approaching, it's the perfect time to focus on your interior and do a little nesting. I love idea of treating a mantel top as an evolving gallery space and spot for creative self expression. Here are a few tips and images to get you started on your own design:

  1. Add greenery. I often head outdoors with my clippers and trim seasonal branches, flowers and greens. They look beautiful displayed in a vase or canister.

  2. Consider your composition first.

  3. I often group items in odd numbers. Three items on one side and one impactful piece on the opposite.

  4. Both Asymmetrical or symmetrical styling works well.

  5. Try layering your chosen objects in various scales and heights.

  6. Anchor your mantel with a large scaled item and vary the size of the other objects.

  7. Mix old and new, shiny and matte, big and small, rough and smooth objects. Opposites create tension and interest.

  8. There is no need to over fill your mantel.

CeCe Barfield Thompson

Ashley Whittaker

Athena Calderone

Betsy Brown

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