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China cabinets in the kitch.

Whether you consider yourself a traditionalist, modernist or fall somewhere in between, storage is a necessary function of any kitchen update. Kitchen trends tend to come and go but there is one necessity that stands the test of time - plenty of storage... We all own "stuff" and how one decides to house their cookware and dishes is a personal choice. I prefer light, open kitchen designs with minimal upper cabinetry. More and more of my clients are opting to forgo the upper wall cabinets for unique options. Kitchen renovations are a great time to donate/sell items that are no longer serving you. (no pun intended) Some people have done away with finer dish-ware and China all together.. Instead, their everyday dishes serve many purposes. I will always love beautiful dish-ware and gorgeous china patterns. A favorite, is a mix of old unique dishes paired clean lined pottery.

I'm a bit sentimental and appreciate items with a sense of history and a story. Why tuck these beautiful items behind closed doors, when they create a special design moment? Plus, we tend to use items that are accessible and organized. My dream is to someday have the opportunity to build a new kitchen. It will absolutely have a glass door, floor to ceiling china cabinet for my collection of dishes, glasses, silver and bowls. Today, I'm sharing china cabinet ideas everyone! A few of theses image have been around for years, but they are still so good! I think it's safe to say (or not) I'm completely over the influx of "copy cat kitchens". While lovely, the modern farm house kitchen trend is overdone!! I see the same kitchens on the socials, over and over......For this reason, I've mixed some classic beauties in too. xx

Architectural Digest (Gwyneth's kitchen is a dream)

Ruthie Sommers via Frederic Magazine

Kelly Wearstler

Town and Country

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