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about JULIE

Julie Richard, a Boston native, founded Shelter Interior Design, LLC in 2007 on the principle that great design can enhance anyone’s life, both functionally and aesthetically. Since then, she has worked with clients from across the country, creating distinctive, personal, and purposeful living spaces.


The importance of the client relationship is the foundation on which each of Shelter’s projects is built. Julie is gifted with the ability to hear what her clients want and visualize it as well — often in ways that a client couldn’t otherwise imagine. When visiting a client’s existing living space, she is a keen observer of their taste and lifestyle. From there, she seamlessly creates fresh spaces that exceed their expectations.

Julie holds a master’s degree in interior design. Before starting Shelter, she worked for several distinguished high-end interior design firms in Boston; was a design spokesperson for Ace Hardware; and worked in catalog layouts and fashion buying. Her other artistic pastimes and passions include fashion and furniture design, travel, music, fitness, and spending time with her two children.

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