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I am feeling inspired by a number of projects that I'm currently working on, artists I'm researching, music I'm listening to and clothing I'm spying .. Here is what's on my mind and work agenda, aside from the utterly disturbing state of our country. Please do what you can do make a difference. My friends and I have been focusing on just that. xxx

  1. I like shoes that feel unique. These sandals from Sezane are on my summer shopping list.

  2. I like the contrast between soft greens, flowers and black. I'm planning to paint my shed a warm rich black tone over the next couple of weeks.

  3. Neutrals and white bathing suits at the beach.

  4. Oversized trees in beautiful terra cotta pots.

  5. Neutral interiors that mix textures. I just purchased Grotto shell chairs for a client's dining room. They are going to look stunning.

  6. My daughter has been making beaded necklaces to sell for weeks. I have started to send her some inspiration photos. (mind you she is twelve) I am loving the warm summery colors of Lizzie Fortunato's jewelry.

  7. Speak up, call, vote, volunteer, hold elected officials responsible and donate to groups who support gun awareness, reform, safety and bans on assault rifles., are a great starting point.

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