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Shelter loves....

Hello, hello! I'm thrilled it's a short week and so happy that I could steal some time to share what's on my mind with you...I'm really looking forward to a joyous holiday season this year, after last year's bust. Have a wonderful day and Thanksgiving. xx

  1. Velvet blazers and hair ribbons.

  2. Brass hand rails

  3. YES and YES.

  4. Homemade stuffing. I labor over mine! (and I rarely eat bread, all bets are off on TG)

  5. Large windows over a beautiful kitchen sink.....(GOALS)

  6. Drama - I am somewhat obsessed with this talented duo lately.

And finally, this cozy faux leather, down puffer. Here it is on me...It's on sale now (hoping I can get a price adjustment)

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