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Shelter loves...

I typically share my favorites of the week on Fridays but we were without power for four days around here last week, it's coming to you today instead. I can't believe how quickly October passed by. This year, I am looking forward to a festive holiday season with family and friends. Here's a peek at what's on my radar....Cheers. xx

  1. The neutral, warm, sophisticated work of Betsy Brown.

  2. Dish-ware...I could collect vintage plates and rotate them for various events. I love to host holidays and create beautiful table-scapes and floral arrangements. You can purchase these beauties here.

  3. The band, Sault. Their songs are dynamic, rhythm and very varied. I often have them on a play list loop as a I work.

  4. I often choose plants and pots for my client's homes. It's another perk of the job. This is a Pilea.

  5. I love dressing up for holiday parties and events. The stores have all launched their holiday looks. This sequin jacket is adorable.

  6. Another stunning table top. I'm looking forward to hosting Thanksgiving. Image via.

  7. I love the sound of this.....

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