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The white blouse

Hello and happy spring. It's been a while but my goal is to share a post at least 2-3 times a week going forward.

We're all ready for some sunnier skies and warmer weather. I'll be posting a weekly bit: "Style Files", along with other inspirational ideas. "Style Files" shares any style related items that are on my brain or soon to be in my closet. I am a true believer that certain pieces are essential for building a timeless and functional wardrobe. Today, I'm sharing a key piece that does just that, the white blouse. They can be dressed up or down, and create an array of looks. Below is a varied selection, some are on sale, a few strong basics and a special splurge or two. I own #4, it looks darling on and fits beautifully...It feels good to be back to blogging....enjoy, the hopefully, warmer weather, see you soon. xx

Top images by the talented: Sandra Semburg


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