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Parisian style ~ personal and at home.

I've long been drawn to the perfectly, imperfect style of the French. Every year, I enjoy perusing Instagram to take in all the wonderfully stylish Fashion week spectators, often arm and arm, parade down the beautiful streets of Paris. Each in their unique, chic attire. These moments coupled with the glimpses of the intoxicating city scapes bring me pure great joy. These days, inspiration is merely a click away. Paris week got me thinking about Parisians, how they live and their penchant for effortlessly pulling themselves and homes together. Today, I'm sharing some of my favorite design details inspired by France and tricks on how to add a bit of je ne sais quoi to your life! xx


Trademarks of French homes and design:

Unique oversized sculptural lighting, gilded mirrors, beautiful architecture, herringbone floors, high ceilings, antiques mixed with newer pieces, neutrals with pops of color, velvet, silk and linen fabrics, mirrored tables, a wonderful array of art, vintage rugs, white walls mixed with pops of color, fresh flowers.

Laura Gonzalez

Lauren Santo Domingo in Paris


Parisian women believe in purchasing the best quality they can. Here are some staples that will help you build and refine a French inspired wardrobe:

A white t, white button down, a black blazer, a gold coin necklace, a pretty cami, a Breton striped top, a leather jacket, perfect straight leg jeans, ballet flats, cool booties, pretty dresses (including a little black one), cashmere sweaters/cardigans and a classic trench coat.

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