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My skin care essentials

Today, I'm sharing my daily skin care routine products. I've always loved facial care and dermatology. I have dealt with my fair share of skin cancer spots, on my face, so I am pretty methodical about doing everything I can to retain healthy, fresh looking skin...It's tough to beat father-time, but I do believe all of these products work very well and consistency with a daily routine works wonders for you skin!

  1. French woman very rarely use regular water to wash their face, they swear by using mineral water instead. I now do the same and switched to Bioderma mineral water about five years ago. The only time I used tap water on my face is when I'm cleansing with an exfoliator. I have noticed, since the change, my skin feels less dried out.

  2. I religiously wash my face every morning and night. The next step in my morning routine is to apply a vitamin C face serum from BeautyCounter. Vitamin C brightens and evens skin tone. Following the serum, I always apply #4 Dermalogica face cream with SPF 50. I've had basal skin cancer removed surgically from my face four times, I never leave the house without sunblock on. This brand is gold.....Finally, I apply Caudalie of France's premier cru cream. This skin lotion is thick and lovely, plus a little goes a long way.

  3. I use an ice roller a few times a week. It helps reduce inflammation and is a quick refreshing skin pick me up.

  4. Sunblock - I'm religious about this one.

  5. Tata Harper's exfoliating cleanser - I use this a couple times a week for smoother skin.

  6. Vitamin C face serum.

  7. I always have a pretty candle in bathroom. I enjoy starting and ending my daily routine in a clean, peaceful, organized space. Diptyque candles burn forever and the empty glass jars make lovely makeup storage containers.

  8. I LOVE Honest Beauty's face oil, it moisturizes my skin wonderfully. I use it every night before bed and often during the day too. It is a staple in my skincare closet.

  9. I also use a prescription retinol five days a week, before bedtime. M-61 is a good one too.

  10. spf lip balm, is a my go to, all day long! I keep these stashed in my car, purse and bedside table.

I hope you find this post helpful and feel free to message or comment with any questions. xx

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