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The kitchen range

I had a lengthy conversation with a client last night regarding their range choice. Should they go with a cook top and ovens or a large range? There are varied opinions on this but I find 80% of my client opt for a beautiful range moment. There are a number of range and burner choices out there. They also cover an array of budgets. I, of course, have a European favorite on my wish board. Below, I have included a selection of ranges along with inspirational photos and links to the websites. Most of the versions I share are available in 30", 35" 48" and 60" sizes. A standard range is 30" and look so much nicer without a back.

Home Depot and Lowe's have hopped on board with both European options at a more budget friendly price point.

The Hallman which was once made in China is now being manufactured in Venice, Italy. It can be purchased here.

La Cornue is a favorite French brand and truly a dreamy range. It is available in an array of colors and finishes. The burner is also available as a standard cook top, a grill, a skillet and of course a French top, which allows a number of pots on one surface at varied temperatures, the center burner being the hottest..

Lacanache is another French brand that can be customized. I have read that baking can be tricky with this oven, it certainly has a vintage appearance.

Bertazonni is an Italian brand that has also received positive reviews. Bertazzoni ranges are also available with brass knobs.

Here are some other popular brands:

Wolf - have the famous red knobs.


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