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Style file - the pleated skirt

I recently read that small boutique, brick and mortar bookstores are having a resurgence in Boston. This news made me happy for a number of reasons. I hope people are finding the desire to slow down and read. Time to ourselves, off social media, is truly a gift. I've been pausing and reassessing my life on a number of plains. An opportunity, for a moment of peace, to write and read, are life's simple joys. I'll be setting aside the time to visit my blog and create more posts this year. Shelter's "Style file" feature will be returning. Each week, I hope to share a trend and create an outfit around it. You may already own many of these items. All it takes is a little inspiration to feel refreshed and eager to pull together a new look, with what we (you) already own. Enjoy! xx


left image: @fakerstorm

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