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Shelter Loves - weekend edition.

Ahhh Fridays, aren't they the best? Knowing I have two unscheduled days ahead feels pretty damn good right now. I'm aiming to return to posting my favorites from the week, every Friday. Here's what is on my radar tonight. Happy weekend and thank you to all the veterans who have served our country, including my father. xx

  1. This beautifully detailed kitchen by Hunt Architecture.

  2. Frame bags, I'm loving these slightly structured smaller bags. Jil Sander.

  3. I've got a bit of a sneaker addiction. Can they stop coming out with so many styles. These are being added to my collection next.

  4. GOALS.

  5. My go to hair style. An imperfect midi pony just always looks good.

  6. This vintage inspired leopard print is perfection. Scooping this up before it sells out.

  7. I own these Athena Calderone wine glasses. They are light and delightful to drink from. From Crate and Barrel.

  8. I'd love to own two homes, one modern and one classic. I love elements of both. (Hunt Architecture)

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