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Shelter loves...

Hello All - It's been a bizarre week over here...Life certainly keeps me on my toes, I suppose the alternative would be boing af and for as long as I can remember, predictable was a drag. Here is what's lighting me up. Stay safe, warm and merry. xx

  1. I've always adored Sienna's style. Warm doses of red during December make me happy.

  2. Ooooo, I dream of a cocktail bar and cappuccino area behind a pretty glass door, someday.

  3. It make take you a moment to readjust your thinking.....but I promise it's worth it.

  4. Off the shoulder velvet tops!!! YES, PLEASE.

  5. I own these, I promise you'll love them.

  6. A great bar set up..Thanks, Miles.. ;)

  7. I've had their music on repeat.

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