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Shelter Loves.....

Happy Friday, so happy to see you! This week seemed to drag......I'm happy to be sitting in my cozy home with a hot, cheesy slab of fresh pizza and a cold beer. I'm not sure about you but all of a sudden, just like that, I've slid into winter mode. I think my "love" picks this week reflect just that. Wishing you a warm, wonderful, festive weekend. xx

  1. The idea of a skiing in Switzerland over the Christmas holiday someday makes me giddy!! Switzerland has been calling my name for some time now....

  2. Isn't this the truth.

  3. Ridiculous price yes, but so cool.

  4. French pastries and desserts are a guilty pleasure. Recipe here.

  5. Well you know I love cars, but lately cognac is doing it for me.

  6. Plaster mantel/fire surrounds. The clean simple lines of plaster look lovely.

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