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Shelter Loves....

I'm really trying to carve out more time for my blog. I miss sharing inspiration, thoughts and ideas with you all....I've been inspired by so much around me lately and I'm absolutely due for an escape. I was researching European travel this morning, the prices are over the top. I miss last minute flight deals and trips! Here is what's on my radar this week....

  1. Charlotte Luca's wardrobe and these fabulous framed wallpaper panels behind her. I have three samples on the way for a presentation!

  2. Net-a-Porter is having a sale. This Zimmerman dress is perfect for resort or the upcoming warm weather months. I was very good about spending any money this month but am ready for some pretty new summery dresses.

  3. I'm big on the concept of wholeness over perfection.

  4. I'd like a small new purse, APC has cute ones.

  5. Sezane is brilliant at sending clothing previews and release dates for their unique Parisian inspired clothing. I'm waiting for this damn jacket to drop...I know it will sell out in minutes. Shopping psychology is real.

  6. I love a beautiful classic front door like this.

  7. Mildly obsessed with Brent Neale's jewelry designs...This gorgeous shell is on my wish list.

Have a lovely day! xx

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