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Happy long weekend! I've been focusing a lot on the art of calming the mind and cultivating more tranquility in my life. Lately, a sense of order and relaxation is what I am craving most. Here are a few simple pleasures that bring me peace: freshly cut flowers in a pretty vase, a clean, organized home and desk, freshly washed linens on my bed, senseless laughter with friends, relaxing music and candles around my home. Winter is a wonderful time to look inward and truly focus on what brings you a sense of comfort. Cheers to a peaceful weekend. I've shared my thoughts below on what caught my attention this week.

  1. Gwyneth's home has been shared all of the internet but it's truly amazing. The smokey palette and sophisticated details are inspiring. Having unlimited funds helps as well, but I still enjoy digesting the cohesive, clever design ideas. Image: AD

  2. I'm trying to donate items around my home and have only what I adore or find truly useful. I'd love to own a full set of Japanese Marumitsu dishes from Roman and Williams Guild.

  3. There are so many pretty earrings inspired by 80's designs, on my radar. This pair is lovely and looks very similar to this pricier style from Pariah. I also have my eye on these

  4. I'm a music junkie and love spending my free time sampling new music and creating diverse playlists. Noire has a moody, electronic sound.

  5. Overthinking causes more stress and worry than I care to think about. When I begin to over think, I aim to refocus my train of thought.

  6. Vintage lighting - look at this beauty.

  7. I will own this jumpsuit, I might even wear it axe throwing with my friends next month. lol...What a versatile piece.

  8. Hair goals. - Sienna Miller.

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