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Love the look - Vacation picks.

Updated: Apr 12, 2022


If you live in lovely New England, you know, Spring doesn't truly exist!! We'll be blessed with a few sunny, warm days in June, quickly followed by a hot and humid July (no complaints about that). Sadly, our Spring window is quite brief. April does, however, kick off the outdoor sports season. On weekends you'll typically find me, bundled in my down parka, cheering on my children, while freezing my ass off. April is a gamble, always windy and usually cold!! Last year, my friends and I were fed up and booked a little get away to visit our dear friend down south. Over the past couple weeks, we decided to do it again - whoop! I'm thrilled and already dreaming about what to pack! Here's a snap shot of items I'm eyeing for this much needed escape! xx

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