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Fall staples

Hello, hello! I have truly missed blogging. The summer was very busy with new clients and a slew of fabulous projects...I promise to be back with a blog post a couple days a week. Today, on this blustery Sunday, between soccer games, I'm going to attempt to switch over my summer clothing for my cozy fall choices. I actually enjoy organizing my home and closet, when I have the time. (side note: started this on Sunday and am getting around to posting it today!) I'll access what I'm holding onto, donating or selling this weekend. I also try to make a few smart purchases every season. My approach to shopping typically includes a few new staples, a couple pairs of shoes a season and one or two emotional I "must own" items (like #11). Those items tend to be a bit more impulsive but also add interest to my closet/style....When you are clear about what you'd like to add to freshen up your wardrobe and refine your style, it cuts back on those tempting impulse buys that typically occur while scrolling social media at 8 am on a Sunday morning. I think most of you can relate to this.. Today I am sharing my Fall wish list (and purchases).

Hope you have a lovely weekend. xx

** Some of these items are on sale!



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